martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

vRay Material Presets Pro version 1.5

vRay Material Presets Pro version 1.5 | 657 MB

V-Ray Material Presets Pro is a powerful material collection for 3ds max and V-Ray (MacroScript). It will includes shaders like: Leather, Ceramics, Metal, Glass, Liquid, Fabric, CarPaint, Parquet, Plastic, etc. If you purchase it now, you’ll receive free complete updates up to version 2.0.

* 601 V-Ray material presets and templates:
o Leather Materials (68)
o Ceramics Materials (58)
o Metal Materials (64)
o Glass Materials (22)
o Liquid Materials (53)
o Fabric Materials (32)
o Carpaint Materials (37)
o Parquet Materials (33)
o Plastic Materials (12)
o Wood Material (78)
o Wall Material (144)
* Compatible with 3ds Max 2010
* Compatible with V-Ray SP3/SP4
* Friendly and simple interface
* Useful for V-Ray newbies, average and power users

The product is compatible with 3ds max 2009, 2010 | V-Ray SP2, SP3, SP4 | 32 and 64 bit.




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