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3D-Coat is an innovative application providing an array of tools for 3D model sculpting, detailing and coloring. Featuring the groundbreaking voxel sculpting technology, 3D-Coat V3 truly opens a new page in the field of 3D art and design.
- Improved functionality of the Splines mode in the E-panel.

- Splines in E-panel got very serious improvement - you can edit them, operate, save, load, transform as you wish, apply multiple times. They can be edit numerically. B-Splines can be used there instead of default splines for all spline or separate points.

- All rectangular and other effects can be limited by depth and act until some limit. It acts in all tools – paint tools, hide, cell hide, retopology, etc. It gives much more control over all rectangular tools - to avoid actions through all volume.
- Full support of Drag&Drop of files from explorer to 3D-Coat done. You can open or merge 3B files, models for painting and voxeling, create pens, assign reference images, create new layrs with texture, create materials, masks, fill fields with filenames. You can drop directly to viewport, then you will be asked how to use object or drop image/object to specific place like materials/pens/masks palette to perform action immediately without questions. Drag&drop supports dropping images not only from file explorer but from web too! For example find some image in google images and drop directly to 3DC without saving it to file!

- Materials/masks will be scaled/moved together with navigation in UV preview window in the same way as in the main viewport.

- New pen parameter introduced in "Pen opt" page - "Zero pressure radius" - relative pen radius when pen pressure is zero.

- It is possible now to export specular in PSD file and edit all specular layers in external editor.

- Displacement of all layers can be exported as a EXR file with one layer in EXR file per layer in scene. In so way displacement can be easily transferred to other mesh preserving layers.

- Possibility to save all information about layers (depth+color+specular) over some UV-set without saving mesh to be able to transfer all info from one model to other with different topology but same UV-set. In so way even DP->MV and MV->DP transfers are possible.

- Eraser is using its own selected brush, not the one selected for pen.

- Algorithm for islands padding during texture export improved.

UV Tools changes:

- Added new and majorly improved UV Editing Tools.

- Now there is a possibility to edit vertices, edges and faces of selected UV island (scaling, rotation, translation) or to edit the whole UV island (scaling, rotation, translation). Making selections is very fast and easy.

- Added new ABF++ algorithm for unwrapping meshes.

- Support of multiple UV-sets.

- Three types of displaying a mesh: no checker, simple checker, complex checker.

Voxel sculpting changes:

- New Voxel tools: muscles tool, toothpaste tool, planar tool, barelief tool, chisel tool.

- Rich set of free-form primitives introduced. Examples: cube, cylinder, bezier plane, blob – all controlled by control points or transformed as a whole. Users can easily add their own primitives.

- Massive improvements in curves tool. Curves got 4 modes: extrude, move, rotate, scale to build mesh base rapidly and have very good control over the curve.

- Moving points in curve tool improved - if you will click and drag point handler will not appear but point will be moved in screen space. You can constraint movements with keys 'X', 'Y', 'Z' or using combination of them.

- New checker in curve tool - "Stick to ground" to fit curve better to the surface if need.

- New button in merge tool - Make mesh closed. It is important if you want to merge unclosed mesh.

- Voxel volumes intersections using CTRL+SHIFT everywhere - while merging model, dragging layers.

- Universal shader was constructed to simplify constructing complex shaders with cavity, bump, environment map, diffuse and specular.

- New major feature! There is a possibility to reduce polycount in voxel scene during export. It is very helpful for printing, exporting just for render, exporting objects to be curve profiles, exporting for game-engines for static objects.

- Extrude-based voxel tools (increase, airbrush, etc) got good extension in rectangular selection mode – they extrude surface on the depth value.

- New button in transform tool - Center in local space.

- Possibility to export curves directly from Curve tool as polygonal object to be easily used in other applications.

- Surface Flatten brush improved - got several parameters: Smoothness, Normals sampling, Don't lift edges. Smoothness allows to control hardness of edges, Normals sampling - variate radius to calculate average normals. Don't lift edges allows to avoid (if need) lifting of edges at the outer boundary of the brush.

- Every volume will be merged to the separate layer while merging from voxels to per-pixel. It gives much better control over baked color.

Retopology changes:

- Topology cleanup improved.

- Separate quadrangulated objects will be merged as separate retopo layers.

- All operations in retopo tool will not destroy existing UV-set.

- Relax command added.

- Two tools in "Select" mode have been added. The first gives possibility to select sharp edges, the second gives possibility to make bevel on selected edges. In current implementation bevel will not preserve UV-set.

Other improvements:

- Multi-autosave done - you can specify amount of autosave files to store history of your work.

- Countless bug fixes and tools improvements!

- Render room was essentially improved - realtime render on the fly while tweaking render params + multiple colored light sources.

HOME PAGE : http://www.3d-coat.com/


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