Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 x86/x64 Rus/Eng with Tutorials Collection | 7.18GB

Autodesk 3ds Max - the market leader in software for three-dimensional modeling, animation and rendering. The program offers more advanced features that meet the growing needs of the creators of three-dimensional modeling and animation, as well as developers of interactive games. The open architecture of Autodesk 3ds Max allows animators to take advantage of more than one hundred connected applications to quickly and easily add impressive effects. Moreover, with the help of Autodesk 3ds Max SDK, they can even create their own application modules, to give an original look to their creations.

1) Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 x86/x64 Russian and English:
Year: 2009
Version: 2010
Developer: Autodesk
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Language: English only (added Russian )
Medicine: Present

System requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP2 or later).
Microsoft Windows Vista (Business, Premium or Ultimate).
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later.
DirectX 9.0c
Intel Pentium 4 or higher, AMD Athlon 64 or higher, or AMD Opteron.
1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended).
1 GB of swap space (2 GB recommended).
Graphics card with 128 MB RAM or more, which supports Direct3D 10, Direct3D 9 or OpenGL.
Three-button mouse with the driver.
2 GB hard disk.
Drive DVD-ROM.

2) Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 Tutorials Collection Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 New Features
3ds Max is the industry leader for 3D modeling and animation, and the 2010 version of this application offers a load of new tools and features. In 3ds Max 2010 New Features, Steve Nelle explores many of the cutting-edge features in this major release. Steve introduces users to the redesigned interface, the brand-new Modeling Ribbon, and many other advancements designed to improve scene interactivity and production workflow. Exercise files accompany the course. Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 Essential Training DVD
In 3ds Max 2010 Essential Training, instructor Steve Nelle provides a thorough introduction to the techniques needed to take an animated project from start to finish. Steve provides new users with everything they need to know to get up and running, while offering experienced users plenty of tips and tricks they can apply to improve their productivity and workflow.

He walks through the program's newly designed interface, details how to create both simple and complex objects, and shows how to bring things to life through a variety of keyframing techniques. Exercise files accompany the course. Thanks to for use of their photos in this course. - 3ds Max 2010 Lighting and Rendering with mental ray
3ds Max 2010 Lighting and Rendering with mental ray explores one of the most powerful toolsets for photorealistic 3D image visualization: the mental ray renderer in 3ds Max. Aaron F. Ross shows how to use mental ray's combination of materials, lighting, and rendering to achieve a variety of effects, from glossy surfaces to reflections and transparency. He provides an in-depth review of photometrics and the tools used to adjust lighting in 3ds Max, including brightness, intensity, and color temperature along with a wide variety of lighting scenarios. Aaron also devotes time to getting the most out of mental ray's powerful rendering engine and improving render efficiency. Exercise files are included with this course. - 3DS Max 2010 Textures And Materials
3ds Max 2010 Textures and Materials with instructor Steve Nelle takes an in-depth look at the art of creating lifelike skins and textures for three-dimensional surfaces using 3ds Max, one of the world?s most widely used 3D packages. This course covers popular material and shader types, including mental ray ProMaterials, methods for properly positioning maps, and some of the lesser-known advanced features of the Material Editor. Techniques are demonstrated using three practical project examples. Exercise files accompany the course.


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