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Vray 1.5 For Maya 2009, 2010, 2011 x32Bit

Vray 1.5 For Maya 2009, 2010, 2011 x32Bit & x64Bit | 322 MB

V-Ray for Maya enables the rendering of even larger scenes with greater complexity and artists can rely on a faster rendering process. The comprehensive list of features provided by V-Ray for Maya includes true 3D Motion Blur, Sun & Sky procedural lighting system, Physical camera for matching live footage, Environment Fog, a set of Sub-Surface Scattering shaders and many others. With official release of V-Ray for Maya in August 2009 V-Ray rendering solutions confirmed their image of indispensable tool that is always there help artists transform even the most ambitious creative visions into reality for both less time and lower cost without sacrificing quality.
V-Ray for Maya Key Features

Core Architecture

Multi-platform object-oriented API
Fully multithreaded core
Unified sampling system based on Schlick sampling
Distributed rendering
Efficient shading system specifically optimized for raytracing
Modular architecture - many components of the system can be replaced with custom ones


Efficient geometry handling
True instance rendering
On-demand dynamic geometry creation (.vrmesh files, converter for .OBJ, .PLY, .GEO files included)
On-demand geometry loading from disk files
Displacement mapping
Catmull-Clark and Loop subdivision surfaces
Extensible with custom geometric primitives through the V-Ray SDK
Particle rendering & particle istancer

Image Sampling

Three different image sampling methods
Full-scene anti-aliasing
Progressive path tracing
Support for additional render elements (diffuse, reflection, GI, etc)
Advanced color (tone) mapping controls
Extensible with custom image samplers through the V-Ray SDK


Physically accurate full global illumination solutions
Different GI algorithms: path tracing, irradiance cache, photon maps, light cache
Reusable GI solutions for accelerated rendering of walk-through animations and animations with dynamic objects
Physically accurate area lights
Efficient illumination from HDR environments
Procedural sun & sky models
Extensible with custom lights through the V-Ray SDK


Physically plausible materials
Blurry reflections/refractions
Accurate hilights
Set of fast Sub-surface scattering shaders
Support for efficient material layering
Extensible with custom shaders through the V-Ray SDK

Camera Effects

Depth-of-field with bokeh effects
Accurate motion blur
Physical camera model
Extensible with custom cameras through the V-Ray SDK


Extended matte/shadow capabilities
Texture baking of any render element (GI, lighting, etc)

Frame buffer

V-Ray specific frame buffer with integrated color corrections and display of multiple rendering elements
Direct rendering to disk for extremely large images, either as OpenEXR files or as .vrimg files

Integration with Maya

All features accessible from within Maya (no external applications required) Standalone version included (10 licenses)
Support for many of the standard Maya shaders, lights, materials, procedural and utility textures

Supported Autodesk Maya platforms

Autodesk Maya 2009, Autodesk Maya 2010, Autodesk Maya 2011 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Credits go to CGP. BIG Kudos to the guys there.


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